The Past Can Kill

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i wan learn how to do hair my nigga. call me whatever you like but what girl can say my boyfriend does my hair. sounds weird right? hell naw it don’t. i know girls get tired of doing their hair everyday all day. what girl can actually say my man fucks the life out of me then does my hair. mannn listen.. 

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Anonymous said: What kind of guys do you like?


Ones that eat pussy like it’s the way to my soul. 


Just a reminder that when yr humoring “sassy, fat black women” stereotypes yr perpetuating a “”modern”” mammy stereotype which is, as you might imagine, beyond racist.

Ya’ll should know better by now.

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Lets get this millions of notes.

I’ll reblog every time, but if you want a million hits you gotta put Nicki and Beyonce up there butt naked drinking grape kool-aid out of Rihanna’s navel.

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A moment of silence for…



Every black man that is “ok with white people using the n-word”

That Asian girl who applauds Katy Perry dressing up like a Geisha

Those native American folks who are fine with the “Redskins” mascot

The Chicano/Latino boy who wants to “deport all the illegals”

A moment of silence for our fallen soldiers. They are lost to the cause.

Self-hate need blasting not silence. Respectfully.

a couple quick thoughts on obama & ferguson:


  • i am fully aware that he would face indescribable anti-blackness if he did anything beyond issuing this diluted ass respectability ass “love thy neighbor” ass statement (i remember what happened when he spoke about trayvon)
  • and that he has his hands tied in some ways based on the political…